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Reader Feedback

I hope that you've enjoyed this issue of Scripsit, a lot of work went into it and I'd love to hear your thoughts and get your comments.

While this page hasn't been used in years, marketing spammers have started abusing it. So, I've taken the feed back form.

Readers of the issue, you know how to reach me.

Stats about the issue!

• 56 pages - double and a half issue, largest ever
• 10 featured artists
• 218 photographs, 100 in color
• 9 actual months to produce
• 1,800+ manhours of labor
• 413.5 Megabytes of data (~288 floppy disks)
• 100lb gloss text (digitally printed)
• 100lb gloss cover (offset printed)
• Guild Requests Issue: Apr 2008
• Interviews Begun: May 5, 2008
• Issue Completed: Jan 25, 2009
• Printer Shipped: Feb 19, 2009