Tour of Gracestone Calligraphics Studio

Tour Guide: T.M. Stoneburner
Date: July 2020

A video tour of Gracestone Calligraphics. Studio I holds the drafting table, library, tools, and supplies. Studio II is for larger projects, glass cutting, and framing.

Visitors, when they want a tour of her studios, are really asking, "What's important to the artist?" and "How are they organizing the room?" In answering those questions, you'll see how T.M. Stoneburner draws inspiration and advocates cross-training among domains to become a better artist.

She shares what inspires her in the art she collects, and the kind of diverse reference material she self-learns from. Just one corner of her personal library contains over 400 titles of various categories.

We get a glimpse of a massive family tree project in the works, and an album of marriage certificates, hand illustrations, and other historical art. She also shares an inside peek at her specialized tools for correcting mistakes, performing repairs, and making restorations; the tools she commonly illustrates and writes with are covered as well.

The flat files hold numerous goodies and tools, in addition to specialty papers. The shelves hold ancient fossils. And the barrister cabinets are a do-it-yourself project, and she explains how she made them.

T.M. Stoneburner also takes inspiration from a number of close mentors, and shows off her collection by Michael Clark.

Michael passed away on Feb 26, 2024, just over 3½ years after this video was made.