I was the writer, photographer, designer, and editor of this special
52-page, double-issue of Scripsit, the journal of the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

I interviewed ten of the most regarded and sought-after instructors and professionals in the calligraphic field within the Washington, DC metro area:

Carolyn Behnke and Caroline Gillin - Instructors for the Smithsonian Resident Associate Program
Ann W. Hawkins - Stonecarver
Alana Maubury Hunter - Instructor at the Glen Echo National Park
Anne Mackechnie - Freelance calligrapher
Caren Milman - Freelance calligrapher
Jill Norvell - Freelance calligrapher
Ann Pope - Instructor, freelance calligrapher, and award-winning watercolorist
Peggy Shields Schiefelbein - Freelance calligrapher
Ingrid Weber - Freelance calligrapher

** cover features the work of Ann Pope

This issue is available for purchase through Paper and Ink Arts.
A complimentary copy is provided to members of the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

If you have read this issue, feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback.
I would love to hear from you and would find your comments insightful for future endeavors.

Below is a selection of articles for three of the ten artists. Enjoy!