Gracestone Calligraphics

T.M. Stoneburner's work has also appeared in a number of publications. Gracestone Calligraphics is a design studio specializing in custom art, family heirlooms, wedding certificates, family trees, illustration, and calligraphy.

The main site is available; while a little bit out of date from neglect from working on numerous projects, some historical portfolio pieces are available for browsing along with her library of resources for artists. T.M. Stoneburner performs works by hand, using a composite of traditional and modern methodologies.

T.M. Stoneburner is the past president of the Washington Calligrapher's Guild, having served three years. It's a position she's held once before.

She has resigned her membership with the WCG in 2022 and has no more duties, responsibilities, or legal connection with them.
She is available for trade-shows and events to demonstrate various forms of calligraphic writing and penmanship, and can provide classes of various duration on a number of subjects in either lecture or hands-on form.

She is available for speaking engagements and is currently teaching both in group and one-on-one settings.

To contact her for projects, mentoring, and lectures email her at [email protected] or call her at +1 571-225-5389, leaving your name, callback number, and purpose of call. Unintelligible messages will not be returned.

T.M. Stoneburner has extensive multi-year experience successfully running organizations.

She offers consulting regarding organizational structure, communication, business practices and procedures, marketing/messaging, membership communication and outreach, process automation, publications, lectures/presentation/training/courses, identifying necessary legal/financial protections and requirements, and running profitably at sustainable scope to matches your workforce and scale with membership.

If you run a guild and would like to discuss how to resolve friction points you're facing, ask about her consulting services.

2022 Schedule

Workshops & Classes

If you are interested in taking a class with T.M. Stoneburner, or wish to invite her to speak or teach at your organization, this is a good time to contact her. Provide her with your name, contact information (email/phone), and the subject matter you're interested in. T.M. Stoneburner has not scheduled any public workshops or classes at the moment, though she is currently conducting private sessions via Zoom and in person.


T.M. Stoneburner is currently accepting commissions and offering online classes.