Archival Storage Supplies:
Light Impressions

Art Supplies:

Plaza Art
Blick Art Materials
Art Supply Warehouse - ASW
Pearl Art & Craft

Calligraphy Supplies:

Paper & Ink Arts
John Neal Bookseller
Paul Terban & Company (nibs, quills, and inkwells

Botanical Illustration:

Diana Marques -
Artspan Portals

Fountain Pens:

Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow (of which I have been an active participant since 2004)
Fountain Pen Network
Pen World Publication
Fahrney’s Pens
Bertram’s Inkwell
Susan Wirth

Framing - Frames and Hardware Supplies:

Framing - Matboards:


YouTube: Short Letterpress Documentary
The Written Word (Washington, DC)

Paper Sources:

Flax Art & Design
Paper Source
Twinrocker Handmade Paper

Rare and Out-of-Print Book Resources:

Abe Books
Oak Knoll Press
Powell’s Books


Scannography: The Art of Scanning
Photo Vinc
The Scannography Blog
The Scanography Forum
Directory of Scanography
Fine Art America


Always Write, Ltd. (Alexandria, VA)
Crane & Co.
William Arthur

Mental Traveler Links:

Alfred Fairbank
CESG: Codices Electronici Sangallenses
Cheerio Calligraphy & Bookarts Workshops
Color Blindness Types & Testing
Edward Johnston Foundation
Father Edward Catich
Halta Definizione - Masterpieces Photographed in High Resolution
Johnny Carrera - Quercus Press
John Stevens Shop
Julian Beever - Pavement Drawings
Masterpiece Paintings of the Prado Museum: Google Earth
Pyramid Atlantic
Saint John's Bible
Smithsonian Resident Associate Program
The Structure of Man
Superhuman Tetrachromats
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Walters Art Museum
William Morris

Who’s Who of Calligraphy, Typography, and Handwriting (those with website features):

Nan Jay Barchowsky - Barchowsky Fluent Hand - Italic Handwriting
Alan Blackman - Calligrapher
Denis Brown - Quill Skill
Leslie Cabarga - font designer and author
Barbara Calzolari - Gentle People
Michael Clark - Calligrapher and Font Designer
Ward Dunham & Linnea Lundquist - Atelier Gargoyle
Reggie Ezell - Calligrapher/Instructor
Kitty Burns Florey - Penmanship
Maryanne Grebenstein - Abbey Studio
Ann Hechle - Crafts Study Centre
Thomas Ingmire - Scriptorium St. Francis
Mike Kecseg - Pen Graphics Studio
Jean Larcher - Larcher Calligraphy
Patty Shaivitz Leve - Hebrew Calligraphy for Ketubot
Marie Lynskey - Heraldry, Calligraphy, & Illumination
Ieuan Rees - Ieuan Rees Lettering
Werner Schneider - Calligrapher and Font Designer
Michael Sull - Spencerian Script and American Cursive Handwriting
John Stevens - John Stevens Design
Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo - Copperplate & Engrosser’s Script
Julian Waters - Julian Waters Design
Sheila Waters - Legacies Panel Presentation: July 2005
Gwen Weaver - Studio G Calligraphy
Hermann Zapf - Calligrapher and Font Designer
Gudrun Zapf von Hesse - Calligrapher and Font Designer

Ebay Calligraphy and Manuscript Vendors:

Calligraphic Arts Design Studio
Tuscany Books

Local Calligraphy Guild for the DC/Maryland/Virginia metro area:

The Washington Calligraphers Guild

Other Calligraphy Guilds and Societies of Interest:

Association for the Calligraphic Arts (ACA)
International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, & Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH)
Society of Scribes - New York

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Dallas, TX
Society of Scribes and Illuminators - United Kingdom

Bow Valley
British Columbia