Fountain Pens:

2009 DC Fountain Pen Supershow

These are a few of the trusted vendors and pen experts that I have depended on over the years for my fountain pen education.

Most, if not all, are members of the non-profit group, Pen Collectors of America.

Gerry Berg, restorator and vendor of Sheaffer fountain pens.

He always makes a point to educate you fully on these pens, often providing handouts on how to fill your pens properly and the care and maintenance needed to prolong the life of them. I have, from him, a circa 1938 pencil/fountain pen set including the Sheaffer One-Stroke Plunger-Filler.

Frank & Sam Fiorella of Pendemonium.

They always bring a fine selection of books, ranging from the histories of certain brands of fountain pens to instructional ones on Spencerian writing and improving one's personal handwriting. You can usually find a portion of their inventory devoted to antique and unusual inkwells, as well as a variety of Noodler's Ink.

Joel Hamilton, master pen repairman and vendor of Parker fountain pens. He often gives thorough and sought-after workshops on doing repairs.

Soft-spoken and warm, he contributes responses and provides answers on the Fountain Pen Network.

Susan Wirth, fountain pen expert and vendor.

Her goal has always been to help find the right pen, no matter the brand, type, or age, that will both enhance your handwriting and make writing, in general, more comfortable and enjoyable. She is one of few women who looks good with ink-stained fingers.