About T.M. Stoneburner


I am of a generation that switched lefthanders in their youth over to being righthanded. I didn't handle this well at all. Point of fact, I failed penmanship... twice. Were it not for a Speedball pen set and a bottle of brown Pelikan ink that my uncle gave to me, I would not have known the grace or discipline to exercise and train myself. At times, I can still draw with my left hand.

Birth date and place:
January 24, 1970 - Irving, Texas

Roanoke College (1992) - Salem, Virginia (BFA with double concentrations in Graphic Design and Printmaking; minor in English

Walter L. Stoneburner (July 4, 1992)

Résumé Overview:

1992-1994: Pen/Ink Illustrator for The Parent Institute (Fairfax, VA)
1994-1996: Calligrapher for David A. Hobbs, Inc. & Tolley Studios (Washington, DC) - Studio closed October 2009
2001-2002: Technical Editor for SAIC (McLean, VA)

1999-2002: Vice President of the Washington Calligraphers Guild
2003-2005: President of the Washington Calligraphers Guild

1997-Present: Gracestone Calligraphics

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Washington Calligraphers Guild 20th Anniversary - Strathmore Hall - Rockville, MD (1996)
Pen In Hand - Severna Park, MD (Annual exhibits: 1998-2001)
Visions of the Spirit I - Washington National Cathedral (1998)
Visions of the Spirit II: Celebrating the Millennium - Washington National Cathedral (1999)
Washington Calligraphers Guild 25th Anniversary - Strathmore Hall - Rockville, MD (2001)
Washington Calligraphers Guild 30th Anniversary - Strathmore Hall - Rockville, MD (2006)
Washington Calligraphers Guild Invitational Exhibit - Covington and Burling LLP - Washington, DC (2010)

Permanent Collections:

The Heart Institute at St. Joseph Medical Center - Towson, MD
Hotel Palomar (The Washington Ballet Room - Dupont Circle - Washington, DC)


Martha Stewart's Living magazine (©1997 Winter/Spring Wedding issue - menu and placecard samples)
Hand Lettering for Crafts: A Decorative Guide from A to Z by Sandra Salamony (©2001 Rockport Publishers - gallery feature)
Letter Arts Review (©2001 Wedding issue - invitation sample)
Washington Gardener magazine (©2007 March/April - Photo Contest: 2nd Place "Small Wonders" category)
Scripsit Vol. 30, No. 2 & 3 (Fall 2008/Winter 2009) - Washington DC’s Calligraphic Underground: Interviewing its Instructors and Professionals
Washington Gardener magazine (©2010 March/April - Photo Contest: 1st Place "Small Wonders" category)

Artistic influences:
Escher, Edward Hopper, Magritte, William Morris, Georgia O'Keeffe, Rembrandt, John Singer Sargeant, James McNeill Whistler, and Andrew Wyeth

Calligraphic influences:
Denis Brown, Michael Clark, Ward Dunham, Ann Hechle, Michael Kecseg, Jean Larcher, Patty Shaivitz Leve, Ieuan Rees, John Stevens, Sheila Waters, and Gwen Weaver

Tools of the Trade:

Speedball holders (both straight and oblique)
McCaffery inkwells

Mitchell set of roundhand nibs (sizes 0-6)
Brause nibs #EF66 and #51
Nikko G

Stonehenge, Arches, and Twinrocker

Winsor Newton gouache
Staedtler-Mars electric eraser
Helix eraser battery-operated eraser
Very fine sable brushes (liners and sizes as small as quint-aughts)